GOUBI is a French company that produces women’s men’s and children’s garments made of natural materials. It designs items mainly to supply the tourism areas along the beaches of southern France from spring to autumn, where the highest number of visitors in the world visit every year.

It was created by Birgitte Halbye who before undertaking her own personal collection, was for over twenty years the major wholesaler of THE EARTH COLLECTION having over 400 shops under her distribution network in France Spain and Italy and over twenty-five years of experience in the garment industry.

The philosophy of the company is to listen to what the clients want and make items that easily mix and match. «IF YOU HAVE A COLLECTION OF 60-70 DESIGNS THAT MIX AND MATCH WELL YOU CAN FILL A WHOLE SHOP!» is the concept of Birgitte.

GOUBI expanded its network rapidly by participating in international trade fairs (Paris, London, Milan) and has presence in shops in France, Italy, Spain, England, Croatia and Greece.