ELISGEO designs embody the life philosophy of an Italian-born, Australian architect with Greek roots, world traveller from birth, currently based in Athens. THUS
We like to do what we do. We love to feel nature close to us in our small everyday experiences. We cherish our freedom, we often plan travels, we seek new things to do, most importantly new things to see, to read, to think about. We like all objects homemade but love the high technology possibilities as well.

We adopt fashion to be slow. Breathing exuberance, we wear our clothes, clothes don’t wear us. We marry international sourcing and heritage with local culture, climate & needs. We make items with sentimental value yet easy to care for and practical. We call this critical regionalism in design. We learn from either a strong cultural or social pattern or a prevailing design characteristic of a place elsewhere in the world and marry this knowledge to our own design. Our design addresses a locality with specific requirements and consequently we modify the “outside” sources of inspiration to suit the attributes of these places. Our collections have a natural character, reflect consciousness about the environment, feel fresh & comfortable and are made to give you the freedom to experience joy to the maximum.

When we design, we always think about the different types of you out there. World experience has taught us we are all different yet all the same. Our perspective is deeply people friendly and democratic.

With great experience in the garment and accessory wholesale business, regularly supplying from the year 2000 many shops in the Mediterranean part of Europe and with a great loyalty record, it was a natural progression for the company to start manufacturing our own quality line in 2013. Having gained great experience in sales over the years and learning from our past, we work and create with respect for our customer’s needs listening to their ideas before taking the next new step. Today a variety of ranges are offered through a number of collections trying to cover different people, age groups and gender

ELISGEO 100%linen, ELISGEO joy, ELISGEO spirit... for men and women and children. Our biggest thanks to the final wearers who support us and go back to the shops we supply asking to see what’s new from us!